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Go Kart Regular Race at E3 Speedway

by Show-Me Dirt

**Tentative **
**Times not set as of Jan 19**
Check the Track page, E3 Speedway for updated info


E3 Speedway 2020 Schedule:

7/17 Regular Race
7/31 Regular Race
8/7 Regular Race
8/21 Regular Race
9/3 Thursday Night (Quarter Midgets only)
9/19 One9Motorsports Event Race Fundraiser for One9
10/9 Regular Race
10/23 Anniversary Race
10/30 Spooker & Trick a Pit Event Race

We will go with Twister Alley Rules on all classes this season for the exception of an open cam, open springs class like we have always had for the ones who enjoy that class. This should enable everyone to race area tracks with same rules. In going with Twister rules we stand behind this rule you get caught cheating in the Predator classes you will not be allowed back in that class. We will be checking karts at the gate this year. You don’t have the proper equipment you will not be allowed in. You have a negative attitude here you will be asked to leave. You drive too aggressively you will be asked to leave. We are here to have a good time with family and friends and will not let the actions of a few ruin it for everyone, if you have an issue with the way things are going just talk to us.
1. Safety equipment is required. Gloves, jacket, long pants, neck brace, full helmet, no flops or open toe shoes
2. There will be no switching classes or changing of the schedule for anyone once we start don’t even ask. You show up late your at the back.
3. Flagging: All spin outs go to the back no matter your current position, this rule applies to everyone. We will have a 2-spin rule for everyone except rookie kids. If you stop the race or cause a caution for any reason you go to the back. This will hold and will be followed so that everyone is on the same page and knows what to expect.

More info as we figure things out. Classes that we will offer will be up soon. Same as last year with maybe a new one or two if us/you guys can come up with a full class. Thanks!! Looking forward to a great season!
John and Sandi E3 & The Southwest Quarter Midget Association.

Starts at: 2020-07-17 11:00:00
Ends at: 2020-07-17 18:00:00


E3 Speedway
Halltown, Missouri


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