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1 Day till the 2019 Turkey Bowl XIII Springfield Raceway.

Don't forget the Mini Late Models will be racing this year.

For some great videos of last years, Turkey Bowl go see them @ https://www.youtube.com/playlist…
For photos check us out @ Photos.showmedirt.com

IT'S TEST AND TUNE DAY.�Hope to see you tonight at the Springfield Raceway

Who will be the winners for this year's Turkey Bowl Event??

If you have liked the Coverage of the Turkey Bowl go drop Jerry Hoffman a note. If you would like us to help your event drop us a PM.

We are happy to help make your event stand out.� We are also looking for Sponsors to help make what we do possible.

Mini Late Model

Turkey Bowl Winners

B-Mod's (Sports Mod)
�Colt James Cheevers early 2009 2nd Annual
�Billy street late 2009 3rd Annual
�Jesse Sobbing Racing 2010 4th Annual
�Kris Jackson early 2012 5th Annual
�Kris Jackson late 2012 6th Annual
�Shawn Strong 2013 7th Annual
�Kris Jackson 2014 8th Annual
�Ryan Gillmore 2015 9th Annual
�JC Morton 2016 10th Annual
�Justin Comer 2017 11th Annual
Jackie Dalton 2018 12th Annual
???????????? 2019 13th Annual

Late Model
Ken Eassary late 2009 3rd Annual
�Justin Wells 2010 4th Annual
�Jack Sullivan early 2012 5th Annual
�Kyle Beard late 2012 6th Annual
�Jesse Stovall 2013 7th Annual
�Tony Jackson 2014 8th Annual
�Ryan Gustin 2015 9th Annual
�Scott Crigler 2016 10th Annual
�Logan Martin 2017 11th Annual
Scott Crigler 2018 12th Annual
???????????? 2019 13th Annual

David Bauer late 2009 3rd Annual
�Jason Rayle 2010 4th Annual
�Mike Hailman early 2012 5th Annual
�Justin Comer late 2012 6th Annual
�Kylan Garner 2015 9th Annual
�Grasyn Cox 2016 10th Annual
�Caleb Mcdugle 2017 11th Annual
Caleb Mcdugle 2018 12th Annual
???????????? 2019 13th Annual

�Jackie Dalton 2007 1st Annual
�Terry Phillips early 2009 2nd Annual
�Steve Martin late 2009 3rd Annual
�Jody Tillman 2010 4th Annual
�Terry Phillips early 2012 5th Annual
�Terry Phillips late 2012 6th Annual
�Terry Phillips 2013 7th Annual
�Scott Crigler 2014 8th Annual
�Ryan Gustin 2015 9th Annual
�Ken Schrader 2016 10th Annual
�Mitch Keeter 2017 11th Annual
Ryan Gustin 2018 12th Annual
???????????? 2019 13th Annual

Midwest Modzs
�Shawn Duncan 2017 11th Annual
Scott Campbell 2018 12th Annual
???????????? 2019 13th Annual

Mini Late Model
???????????? 2019 13th Annual

360 Sprint
�Danny Lasoski 2007 1st Annual
�Brian Brown early 2009 2nd Annual

�Zach Daum 2007 1st Annual
�brad Lovest early 2009 2nd Annual

If you plan on Driving in the Turkey Bowl let us know and we will add you to the list of drivers so all the fans will know.�Thanks for all your support.


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